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About Court

A proud born & bred New Yorker, I'm Naturally Athletic (Mesomorph) and have my German Featherweight Champion Boxing Genes to thank for it!


I'm typically Cast in Roles with the following Descriptions:

"Badass"    "Action Fighter Girl"     "Deadpan Snarker"

"Beautiful Woman Who Can Never Be Trusted"     "Bitch With a Heart of Gold"

"Runaway Wild Child"          "Strange Girl" &

"Sexy, Yet Morally Unclear Tough Cookie."

Recently booked Principal Role in Feature Film, "Saturday in the Park, (2016)" Directed by Larry Romano  ("Thin Red Line," "Donny Brasco"). I'm Lisa Star, Chuck Zito's (HBO's "OZ") overprotected, outspoken and rebellious daughter.
Blessed with an eidetic (photographic) memory, I can quickly memorize a scene's lines and large blocks of technically challenging medical jargon without fail.


External Links: 
1. Actors Access

2. YouTube:

3. The Actor's Green Room Online Profile
4. Facebook:
4. Instagram & Twitter: @courtneysanello 
5.  Voice Over:


Thank you for your time and interest,

Small Heading
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