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Courtney Sanello, Headshot, Jordan Matter

3 Facts About Me:

1. Poud born & bred New Yorker

2. Magna cum laude dual-degree Emory Business Graduate in Marketing and Organization & Managment

3. Can draw ANYTHING in under 30 seconds- So when you see me, remember to throw some challenging requests!


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Homewrecker (Short) Written/Directed by Courtney Sanello

May 2016

5/9 First day of Filming for Homewrecker!  Can't wait!


April 2016

Pre-Production of my Short, Homewrecker, is officially in FULL EFFECT.

Currently working through our 1st Round of Camera/Video Tests.  


Homewrecker (Short) Written/Directed by Courtney Sanello

Feb 2016

Completed writing my first Short Film, Homewrecker, which I will be Directing Producing and Acting.  It's a NYC-centric couple's dark comedy, complete with  full-out stunt/fighting action!


Booked Recurring Role on ULTRAHEROIX

January 2016

I'm a telepathically saucy Supervillain who goes by MENTALLIX. 3rd Episode booked as Principal for this Superheroine Action Webseries


Burying The Hatchet (Feature Film) Van der Gomes Productions

October 2015

I have been invited back to play Ricki Auspitz-Gambini in the Film adaptation of the Off-Broadway Comedic Farce (same title)! Ricki is Jewish, a former Vegas Stripper, and all around sex-deviant who recently married the Italian Mafia's Top Mob Boss. Looking forward to seeing how much our final product evolves from its Original. Can't wait!


Booked my Second Lead in ULTRAHEROIX episodic!

July 2015 

I booked and shot my second Principal Role in Cult-Followed Comic Book webseries ULTRAHEROIX earlier this month.  I play Supervillain Mentallix, Arch-Nemesis of Freedom Star, who has Psychic Kinetic Abilities. I performed all of my own stunts and fight choreography.


Saturday in the Park  (2016) Bronx Farm Films 

June 2015

I booked and shot my FIRST PRINCIPAL ROLE in a FEATURE FILM! It is directed by Larry Romano (King of Queens, Thin Red Line). I played Lisa Star, rebel daughter of Chuck Zito and my performance is feature in the trailer.  Link to trailer soon to come!



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