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Coney Carousel Cat Art Print on Board 20 x 20 inches

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Brand: Courtney Sanello

Coney Carousel Cat

Part of a 3 oil painting series, Coney Carousel Cat is one of the original carousel rides carved by the The Dentzel Co. (ca. 1895-1928).

Historically, only few cats were carved by any one of the carousel makers, usually having a fish or bird in mouth, but not always. Not many cats were carved by each major Carousel maker, making the carousel cat remain among the more coveted carousel figures.

The other two acrylic paintings in this series, are of a Rabbit/Bunny and Bear carousel figure.

Material: Archival quality metallic art print on board of original oil painting. Paper has a semi-gloss metallic finish when light bounces off of it.

Size: 20 x 20 inches by 1/8" thickness

Sold as is. Limited edition. 1 of 1 printed.

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