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Drifter Original Oil on Canvas 36 x 48 inches

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Inspired by a night terror. When I was in my early 20's, sleeping in my bed at my parent's house for the first time in a while, I had a dream that I was on my home property, but in the year 1890. A young girl with a prairie white apron on, who had no face, and instead had a swirling hurricane as a face, and no feet to speak of. She walked me around the village, and I was keenly aware that this was the land my house was built on, just it wasn't there yet because it was 1890. She made me write with a quill on paper several messages, some more important than others; a grocery list of items we were soon going to purchase and several notes written to her family members saying that she was alright. After a while I asked, how much longer do we have to do this, and she replied only by swirling her hurricane face faster and with a bright white light shining directly behind her head. I got fed up eventually and said I wasn't going to do any more tasks for her, and I woke from the dream-- only to find that she ALSO was floating in the middle of my room. I ran past her making a bee line to my parents bed. The year 1890 kept repeating in my head, so I look it up and sure enough there was the Great Hurricane of 1890, and thousands of people on the east coastline were killed. I don't think it was a coincidence that the first travelers landing in my area came in 1890 and that my house is on the highest elevation point from sea level in the entire town.

Material: Oil painting on canvas

Size: 36 x 48 inches

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