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Actor & V.O. Reels & Self-Produced Films... Keep Scrolling =)

Actor Reel

Voice Over Reels

Resume Highlights


Mockumentary Lead AMAZON, Jazmine Cornielle

ChangelingsTOS/Guest Star AMAZON, Vincent Veloso

Money Talks TOS/Guest Star AMAZON, Kwaz Fraser

*HBO Best Supernatural Series 


Saturday in the Park  Lead Dir. Larry Romano

Garbage Bag of Broken Bottles  Lead  Dir. Andrew Burdette

Lester Vaughn Lead  Dir. Thomas Robinson

Homewrecker  Lead  Wr. Courtney Sanello

Cuttlefish Lead Wr. Courtney Sanello


Theater (Selected)

Burying the Hatchet Original Off-Broadway Cast Lead Snapple Theatre, NY

Lady Chatterton's Cabinet of Curiosities Lead Rara Avis Productions, NY

9 to 5, The Musical Lead Rockaway Theatre, NY

The Flex Off Package Lead The Producers' Club, NY

Miniskirt Theory Midtown Int'l Theatre Festival, Roy Arias Theatre, NY

The Temp Short Play Festival-Winner Lead The Players' Theatre, NY


Voice Over (Selected)

Mary Full of Grace Crime Thriller Narrator Audible

Chaos & Havoc YA Fantasy Trilogy Narrator Audible

Plan B "Bunnies" PSA Bunny #1 Center for Reproductive Rights



Meisner Two -Year Full Time Program Graduate Bruce McCarty William Esper Studio

Advanced Script Analysis David Kaplan William Esper Studio

On Camera Audition Technique Matt Bonifacio Private

Knowing the Genre in TV & Film Heidi Marshall Heidi Marshall Studio

TV/Film Audition Technique Nick Peciaro Jonathan Strauss, CSA

Stage Combat Training Joe Pisapia William Esper

Vocal Training Andrew Parks Private

Special Skills

Self-Taught Classical Master Painter (20 yrs.) Forensic sketch artist & can draw anything in less than 30 seconds

Sports: Advanced Pilates & Yoga, Archery, Intermediate Gymnastics,

Advanced Equestrian, Advanced Kickboxing, Advanced Swimming & Diving,

Marathon Runner & Sprinter, Varsity Volleyball Captain 
Weapons: 9mm Handgun, Broadsword, Rapier
Martial Arts: Hand to Hand Combat, Shibari (Rope Knot Typing), Tai Chi
Musical Instruments: Soprano Rock/Belt Mix, Advanced Cello, Int. Piano & Guitar
Dance: Int. Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Theatre, Salsa, Tap, The Worm
Red Cross CPR Certified/Lifeguard, Proficient in Medical Jargon Terminology,

US Passport, Driver's License 


Audiobook Narrator

Voice of Bunny #1 PSA

Written & Self-Produced Work

Homewrecker (7:09)

A NYC Couple battles out some kinks in their relationship vis-a-vis Ninja Fist Dance Fight


A day in the life of a downtown hobo 

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